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Data Sets, Control Panel, Data Driven Analytical Tools and Sourcing Preparation

SSA Capital focuses on assisting corporations and private equity portfolio companies with the development of actionable and sourceable expenditure reports that can be utilized to secure both immediate and sustainable cost savings. SSA Capital's data sets services include the following:

I. Relational Database and Control Panel/Navigation Tool Development

SSA Capital develops a relational database to include all of the line item expenditure data for its clients. The database is in a sourceable, actionable format so that immediate cost savings can be achieved. SSA Capital builds a customized Apple or Microsoft Office based control panel/navigation tool catered to each individual client's needs.

Reports include but are not limited to:

  • Expenditures by supplier by plant
  • Individual part price variance by plant
  • Complete list of line items
  • 5-year supplier history
  • Loaded bid document with drawings where applicable
  • List of low cost, high quality alternative suppliers
II. Data Hosting Services

SSA Capital provides all of its clients a secure username and password to electronically access all of the relational databases, expenditure reports and control panels/navigation tools for their companies. SSA Capital hosts this data on a secure website for clients to download and utilize. SSA Capital can also provide a permanent hosting service for its clients. This service allows clients to:

  • Instantly access expenditure data and reports to immediately launch bidding, direct negotiations and overall expenditure reviews at any time
  • Review all expenditure data without having to manage it internally
  • Utilize a secure server to electronically store expenditure data
  • Access up-to-date data that SSA Capital refreshes annually
How To Get Started

It's simple to begin a strategic sourcing initiative with SSA Capital. SSA Capital takes a "hands on" approach and works with existing information and resources in order to limit the time and effort required of the client. Typically, SSA Capital utilizes the following process:

  1. Sign a joint non-disclosure agreement
  2. Obtain an Accounts Payable run and/or other report(s) outlining expenditures for the past 12 months
  3. Perform an initial categorization analysis
  4. Develop relational databases and control panel/navigation tool for the expenditures

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