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Cost Savings Implementation

SSA Capital focuses on producing tangible savings for corporations and private equity portfolio companies. We fully implement the savings to produce immediate and long-term reductions and business efficiencies. SSA Capital's cost savings process is as follows:

I. Category Cost Savings Implementation

SSA Capital implements category-specific initiatives to immediately capture savings in high opportunity areas as follows:

  • Collaborate with the client to prioritize and target specific sourcing categories
  • Develop and implement strategies to capture significant cost reductions. These potentially include:
    • - Purchasing process improvements
    • - Expenditure leveraging
    • - Consumption controls
    • - Requirement re-specifications
    • - Consolidation of suppliers
    • - Direct negotiations
    • - Bidding
  • Apply extensive negotiation expertise to establish best-in-class agreements and produce substantial results
  • Implement an intensive process that can be conducted in a short timeframe
  • Employ a fact and information-based approach to significantly increase a client's negotiation position
  • Review all components of the supply chain, including commodity pricing (nickel, titanium, scrap, steel, oil, resin, etc.) to identify potential cost reduction opportunities
  • Identify alternative high quality and low cost suppliers and interact with suppliers to create a win-win environment
  • Develop and execute out-of-the-box ideas
  • Measure and track results achieved through control panels and reports
  • Transfer knowledge to client company personnel
How to get started

It's simple to begin a strategic sourcing initiative with SSA Capital. SSA Capital takes a "hands on" approach and works with existing information and resources in order to limit the time and effort required of the client. Typically, SSA Capital utilizes the following process:

  1. Sign a joint non-disclosure agreement
  2. Obtain an Accounts Payable run and/or other report(s) outlining expenditures for the past 12 months
  3. Review key parameters, clarify outstanding questions and further refine analysis
  4. Outline recommended category initiatives and estimate potential savings
  5. Jointly determine initial key opportunity areas to pursue
  6. Establish project teams and execute projects

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